Internships and Jobs

General Jobs/Internships Information
  • Most summer internships and jobs in journalism are not posted online or in internship books; they are the result of unique arrangements made between interested students and editors. For help in finding the best possible internship to match a student’s interests, and for assistance in arranging such internships and applying for funding to help make them possible, Yale Journalism Scholars should write to the Initiative’s coordinator, Mark Oppenheimer (

  • Yale students looking for jobs and internships may wish to consult with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy. 

  • Many Yale alumni have expressed an interest in speaking with students about careers in journalism. Their names and contact information are available through the Association of Yale Alumni.

  • Meanwhile, many summer journalism internships that are posted can be found at a site maintained by New York University. The journalism school at the University of California at Berkeley also has an excellent jobs site.

  • More internships for college students are listed on the web site of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

  • Students looking for international reporting opportunities can find English-language newspapers all over the world by consulting

  • Jeff Gaulin maintains a good site for those looking for Canadian journalism jobs.

  • Ed2010 is an internet message board where young editors and writers in New York post rumors of job openings and publications looking for interns.

  • Students who write for The Yale Daily News may apply for internships through the OCD (“Oldest College Daily” board) by writing to John Zucker ’76.

  • For jobs after graduation in the newspaper field, the best web site is

  • For jobs in the magazine field, especially as an editor, designer, or publicist, see the jobs listing of, a Web site that also offers online classes and networking opportunities for freelancers:

  • Many magazines list job openings on their web site. These include National Journal and Mother Jones. Most small newspapers, too, will be happy to have a poorly paid summer intern to help cover local news. If there’s some town you’d like to get to know better, write to the news editor of its local newspaper and offer your services for the summer. The smaller the town (and its newspaper), the better your odds for success. For general knowledge of the newspaper field, it’s useful to know the omnibus web site of the Poynter Institute.

Current Internships & Jobs

Please review our list of job openings (updated weekly).