Normally, students will join the Yale Journalism Initiative in their sophomore or junior years, although exceptions may be made. Although preference is given to Yale College students, students from the graduate and professional schools are eligible.

The selection process begins with enrollment in the advanced journalism seminar, either in the fall or spring; students may find the application for this seminar on the Creative Writing home page. Acceptance into the seminar means preliminary acceptance as a Yale Journalism Scholar. Upon successful completion of the seminar, students must complete three further requirements to earn designation as Yale Journalism Scholars:

1. A summer internship, approved by the director of the Journalism Initiative, at a newspaper or magazine.

While students will be responsible for securing the internship, they may seek help from the Initiative director and may be eligible for grants of up to $5,000, depending on need and available resources.

2. Completion of one of the following writing or editing activities:

a. Publication in a non-Yale magazine or newspaper of one full-length feature article or five newspaper articles. (This requirement may be fulfilled during the summer internship.)

b. Completion of two full-length magazine articles in a Yale publication.

c. Holding a senior editorial position at a Yale publication for at least two semesters.

3. One of the following classroom experiences:

a. Completion of a WR course outside of the English Department in Yale College, or a similar course at one of the graduate or professional schools.

b. Participation in at least one other advanced class in writing at Yale, as designated by the Writing Center. In the 2014-2015 school year, this would include every nonfiction class with a number above 400, and other classes by petition.

Students with questions about becoming a Yale Journalism Scholar should contact the program’s director, Mark Oppenheimer, by e-mail (