Students selected as Yale Journalism Scholars will be invited to participate in the following four programs:

1. An advanced journalism seminar in the English department. English 467, offered both terms, is limited to students who demonstrate interest in and promise for a future career in journalism. It will be taught by visiting professors selected for their accomplished careers in journalism. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for becoming a Yale Journalism Scholar.

2. Career Counseling. In addition to receiving the advice of their teacher in the advanced journalism seminar, Yale Journalism Scholars are encouraged to meet with the program’s coordinator for further advice on summer internships, employment opportunities during the school year, job applications as graduation approaches, and the names of Yale alumni who have expressed an interest in talking with graduating students.

3. Special Activities. Yale Journalism Scholars are invited to special luncheons in New Haven and New York to meet with faculty, guest speakers, and alumni of the Initiative.

4. Funding for Internships. The Initiative offers small grants to support Yale Journalism Scholars who take low-paying or unpaid summer internships in journalism.

Finally, upon graduation, qualified students earn the designation of “Yale Journalism Scholar” for their resumes.