Alumni Directory

Alumni of the Yale Journalism Scholars program work for and contribute to a wide array of newspapers, magazines and other publications. These outlets include the Atlantic, Bloomberg News, Boston Globe, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, ClimateWire, Commentary, Condé Nast, the Daily Beast, The Economist, Forbes Magazine, Foreign Policy, Harper’s Bazaar, Hearst Magazines International, High Country News, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, NationSwell, New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Republic, New York Times, New Yorker, Politico, ProPublica, The Root, Slate, Thomson Reuters, TIME, US News & World Report, The Verge, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Other alumni now work in the private and public sector, and some graduates now attend graduate or professional school at institutions such as Columbia Law School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Yale Law School and the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. 


Stan Alcorn ‘07 works in New York City as the web editor for the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma. His email is 

Nicole Allan ‘09 is a second-year at Stanford Law School. She was previously a senior editor at California Sunday Magazine and prior to that at The Atlantic. During college, she held internships at Double X, the New Republic and the New Haven Independent.

William Alden ‘10 is a reporter for the DealBook section of the New York Times. 

Madison Alworth ‘15 is a researcher at NBC News. You can see her work here.

Easha Anand ‘08 has moved down to New Orleans to take up a post as a staff writer for the Times-Picayune. Reach her at

Isaac Arnsdorf ‘11 is a reporter at Politico in Washington. He previously worked for Bloomberg News in London and New York and interned at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Tampa Bay Times and Seattle Times. Reach him at


Laura Bennett ‘09 interned for the Boston Globe before traveling to Spain on a Fulbright fellowship researching the ways in which the Spanish mainstream media is adapting to incorporate citizen journalism.

Sam Bendinelli ‘13 is a Teach For America corps member in Newark, New Jersey. He has interned at The New Republic. 

Daniel Bethencourt ‘14 is a breaking news reporter with the Detroit Free Press. After graduating, he covered crime and breaking news for The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also interned at the Mail & Guardian in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rae Ellen Bichell ‘12 is currently reporting on the science desk at NPR, where she was previously a Kroc Fellow. Before that, she was a freelance journalist in Finland, partly supported by a Fulbright grant. Contact her at

Michael Birnbaum ‘08 is the current Moscow Bureau Chief of the Washington Post. From January 2011 to December 2013 he was the paper’s Bureau Chief in Berlin. He has covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath from Libya, Egypt, Bahain and Kuwait for the Post, where he has also worked as an education reporter based in D.C. He can be reached at

Kelly Bit ‘07 parlayed an internship with Bloomberg News into her current position as a segment producer for Bloomberg TV, working on the 6-8am show “Morning Call.” Email Kelly at or

Russell Brandom ‘07 is currently a staff reporter for The Verge. He has interned at BuzzFeed, and been a freelancer for the Awl, The Wirecutter and The L Magazine. Reach him at

Raisa Bruner ‘13 is a reporting intern with Business Insider for their Lifestyle section, based in New York City. Previously, she worked in digital marketing and social media strategy for brands, and has interned with the ABC News Investigative Unit. You can reach her at


Julia Calagiovanni ’15 s a former editorial fellow at The Atlantic and is now based in the Bay Area. She previously interned at The American Prospect and The Sacramento Bee. Contact her at

Catherine Cheney ‘10 is currently a reporter and producer for NationSwell, a startup media company that launched in the fall of 2013. After graduation, she worked at Poliico, then Spiegel Online International, funded by an International Center for Journalists Fellowship. She then worked at World Politics Review, and later as the social media editor for the Middle East site Al-Monitor. Contact her at 


Gabor Debreczeni ‘10 is a trader at Jane Street Capital. He has interned at Dow Jones Newswires/Wall Street Journal in London. Contact him at 

Elizabeth Dickinson ‘07 is s a freelance journalist based in the Arabian Peninsula writing for Foreign Policy, The Economist, Christian Science Monitor, and, among others. She is a writer with Deca Stories and associate editor at Devex. Elizabeth has previously served as Gulf correspondent for The National newspaper, assistant managing editor at Foreign Policy magazine, contributing editor at World Affairs Journal, and Nigeria correspondent for The Economist. Twitter: @dickinsonbeth Email:

Eliana Dockterman ‘13 writes about culture for Time Magazine and in New York City, where she has worked since graduation.

Jakob Dorof ‘12 works in the digital publishing industry as a project coordinator at MAZ Digital. During the summer of 2011, he was an arts intern at the Village Voice. Contact him at

Romy Drucker ‘07 is living in New York City working at the city’s Department of Education, Fund for Public School. Her email is


Emily Foxhall ’13 covers a coastal town in Orange County for the Los Angeles Times and its community papers. During college, she interned at both the Texas Tribune and New York Observer. Contact her at

Daniel Fromson ‘09 is a copy editor for The New York Times Magazine. After graduating, he worked for the websites of The Atlantic and The New Yorker, then joined The Times as an editor with its Op-Ed and Sunday Review sections, also editing editorials and several of the opinion columnists. His writing has appeared in The Times, New York magazine, The Atavist Magazine, The Washington Post, and elsewhere.


Kent Garber ‘07 has moved to DC, where he’s covering the energy and environment beat for the U.S. News & World Report. Before his staff job there, he worked for them as a year-long intern, writing for the magazine’s Nation and World section. His email is

Ross Goldberg ‘08 is living in New York City, interning for the New York Sun. He can be reached at

Brittany Golob ‘10 is the deputy editor of Communicate Magazine in London. Reach her at

Zack Greenburg ‘07 has been working as a staff reporter at Forbes in New York City for the past year, writing, he says, about “everything from hedge funds to vintage airplanes to 50 Cent.” He’s also freelancing occasionally for outlets including the Washington Post, Dan’s Papers and the Huffington Post. His email is

Alison Griswold ‘13 is a business reporter for Quartz, a division of Atlantic Media. Before that, she wrote for Slate’s Moneybox column. She has also done stints at Business Insider, Thomson Reuters, Forbes, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Reach her on Twitter at @alisongriswold.


Alon Harish ’13 is now attending Columbia Law School. In Fall 2016, he will start as an associate at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz in New York City. He has previously interned at ABC News.

Allison (Battey) Harnett ‘08 is attending Harvard Business School.

Molly Hensley-Clancy ‘13 is a reporter at BuzzFeed covering the business of education. She has held internships at the Wall Street Journal and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and previously worked as a research assistant to Reuters editor-in-chief Steve Adler. Contact her at



Rob Inglis ‘07 wins for most peripatetic YJI alum. After a few months as a researcher in Antarctica, he moved to Washington State to continue environmental science research. He now is now working at a six-month writing internship with High Country News, a magazine based in Paonia, Colorado that covers politics, environmental issues, and cultural trends in the rural West. His email is


Thomas Kaplan ‘10 is a reporter in the Albany bureau of the New York Times. He can be reached at

Abraar Karan ‘11 is currently an MPH candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health and will be applying to residency in Internal Medicine. While at Yale, Abraar was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Journal of Public Health and the Yale Journal of Medicine and Law. He enjoys narrative medicine and writes often for a number of medical journals and health blogs. Twitter: @AbraarKaran

Uzra Khan ‘12 is pursuing a Master in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Prior to that, she worked at Reuters in New York and then as a freelancer in Mumbai. 

Tobias Kuehne ‘12 is pursuing a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures at Yale.


Jeremy Lent ‘11 is currently a third-year PhD student in the philosophy department at University of Michigan. His email is


Zeke Miller ‘11 is a political reporter at TIME. Contact him at


Vivian Nereim ‘09 is currently a freelance journalist and Arabic student based in the Middle East. She was an intern at the Boston Globe before beginning her two-year associate job as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where she worked in the past as a Block Fellow. She has also previously worked at The National, a newspaper in the UAE, and interned at the Boston Globe.


Stephanie Ogburn FES ‘07 is a reporter for ClimateWire. She previously was an editor for High Country News, as well as a reporter for the Cortez Journal. 

Dayo Olopade ‘07 is attending Yale Law School. She has previously been a reporter for The Daily Beast, The Root and the New Republic. Her freelance writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation and other publications. She has also previously worked as legal counsel at Reuters News, and was a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation.


Chris Peak ‘13 is a Marin Media Institute Research Fellow at the Point Reyes Light. Previously he has been a reporter at the San Francisco Public Press and at Newsday. Contact him at

Martine Powers ‘11 worked as a metro reporter at the Boston Globe from 2011 to 2014 before beginning a Fulbright Fellowship in Trinidad and Tobago, where she now works as a freelance reporter writing about transportation and urban development.


Robert Quigley ‘09 worked for Abrams Media in New York City after graduation, as an associate editor for Mediaite, and then managing editor of the Geekosystem blog. He now attends Yale Law School.


Lauren Rosenthal ‘12 is the news director for KUCB, an NPR member station in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. She also does freelance work for the Alaska Public Radio Network, NPR, National Native News and a fishing trade magazine, among other outlets.

Colin Ross ‘12 is a current student at Harvard Law School, and has worked previously as a reporter at His email address is

Noam Rudnick ‘07 has temporarily left journalism and is preparing to enter an MD/PhD program.


David Sadighian ‘07 will be returning to New Haven in the fall to enroll at Yale’s School of Architecture. Reach him, again, at

Dana Schuster ‘07 balances a full-time job and her freelancing from New York City. She works for Hearst Magazines International as the associate international editor of Harper’s Bazaar. On the side, she has been freelancing for the New York Post, New York Press, Time Out New York, and a few other publications. Her email is

David Sherfinski is in D.C., working as a staff reporter for the Washington Examiner. While at Yale, he was an occasional freelancer for Sports Illustrated. Reach him at

David Shieh ‘08 spent a summer in Austin as an intern with the Austin American Statesman. His email is

Justin Shubow LAW ‘08 will start this fall as an assistant editor of Commentary Magazine. His email address is

Margy Slattery ’11 is an associate editor at Politico Magazine. She has previously worked as an assistant managing editor at Foreign Policy. 

Alexandra Suich ‘08 is working as a correspondent for The Economist. Based in New York, Alexandra is covering hedge funds and private equity.

Aliyya Swaby ’13 is an education and general assignment reporter for the New Haven Independent, an online community newspaper. Before that, she was a freelance journalist in Panama working on a project about Afro-Panamanian communities’ cultural and political dynamics.


Tyler Theofilos ‘08 is living in New York City, interning for the College Music Journal.

Joshua Thomas ‘07 is a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. He was previously an Assistant District Attorney for the State of Mississippi. Contact him at

Cari Tuna ‘08 has moved to San Francisco where she is working for the SF bureau of the Wall Street Journal. 


Nicholas Vinocur ‘07 is a correspondent for Reuters News in Paris. After graduation and a summer internship at the New Haven Independent, he worked briefly for the web site of The New Yorker magazine, and was hired by Reuters as a Graduate Trainee in 2008.


Sarah Yager ’11 is an associate editor at The Atlantic.